WalkTC for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy task, especially these days when everyone has more commitments than they can handle, both at home and in the workplace. Obesity rates are quickly rising across the world, with as much as 60% of the general population already considered overweight in countries like the US. So, how do you get into a killer shape without having to spend five evenings per week in the gym? The answer is simple: get a WalkTC TreadClimber.

How does the WalkTC TreadClimber work?

Bowflex have recently launched their new exercise machine which is designed to help busy professionals lose weight and tone their muscles by performing simple and short workouts from home.

WalkTC for Weight LossOne of the key reasons why WalkTC TreadClimber is so effective is the fact that it combines numerous exercise machines into one (such as a treadmill and an elliptical workout machine). This gives you a much more demanding workout that burns tons of calories while placing very little pressure on the joints and knees (which is extremely important for overweight individuals and those who suffer from various joint pain problems on a regular basis). For example, you can choose to stair climb, walk or air glide, depending on what type of workout you fancy at the time.

Another reason why the TreadClimber is so popular today is its versatility. You have complete control over exercise intensity, and there’s a workout type for people of every fitness level.

The machine takes up very little space and will easily fit inside any room with enough space for a regular treadmill. It comes in three models, with prices starting at $999 and going all the way up to $3000+. Each of these models comes with unique features, and you should be able to find something that suits both your requirements and your budget. Depending on where you order WalkTC from, there are flexible payment plans available for all models.

Some of the more expensive models come with special ‘motivational coach’ technology, which is designed to help you define and achieve your weight loss or fitness goals.

With all that said, it’s important to note that WalkTC is not a replacement for a regular treadmill. WalkTC workouts are varied and intense; however, the machine is not built for people who are looking for a running treadmill (max speed is capped at 4.5 mph).

Remember that losing weight successfully and keeping if off for good involves more than just exercise. However, as long as you have a clear plan and plenty of determination, WalkTC will be able to get you into the best shape in your life in no time.

TreadClimber Reviews: Models and Pricing

The WalkTC TreadClimber by Bowflex is one of the most innovative and effective in-home workout machines today. The WalkTC has received a lot of praise from the press lately, mostly because of the amazing results that some of the users have been able to achieve within weeks of using this home workout device. In this article, I’m going to give you more information on how WalkTC works, as well as discuss some of the more popular WalkTC models and their prices.

WalkTC models and pricing

The WalkTC exercise machine currently features three different models, each of which has different capabilities. Let’s get started!

TC51. If you are looking for a home workout machine that can help you get into a great shape at an affordable price, then you might be interested in TC5, which is the most affordable WalkTC model on the market today. This model features the most basic functionality, and is a great starter machine for beginners.

This machine costs just $999 and comes with a range of flexible financing options to suit every budget. It’s important to remember that even though $999 may seem like a large investment, over time it’s going to work out a lot cheaper than paying for a monthly gym membership.

2. TC10, which is the best selling model in the WalkTC exercise machine range, costs only $2,199 and comes with many extra features, such as the ability to change workout intensity. Another very cool feature that is not present in the cheaper TC5 model is called G.O. Coach, which is a built-in motivational program that’s designed to keep you motivated while working towards your fitness goals.

3. TC20, which is the most expensive of all WalkTC workout machines, costs $3,299 and packs even more features than the TC10 model. This model comes with powerful built-in motivational and goal tracking tools, as well as a slightly different treadle design which makes workouts more comfortable.

As you can see, there’s a WalkTC model for every budget and fitness level. If you are simply looking for a great home workout machine that offers mixed-workout functionality (including treadmill, tread climber and an elliptical trainer), then TC5 might just be enough for you. However, if you’re looking for a fully integrated exercise, goal tracking, workout planning and motivational tool, getting the TC20 model will be your best choice.

All about WalkTC TreadClimber

If you are serious about improving your fitness levels, losing weight or simply getting into a great physical shape, then you should consider getting one of the WalkTC TreadClimber exercise machines. The WalkTC by Bowflex was designed to help busy individuals get enough physical exercise, even without having to go to the gym. In this article, I’m going to talk about the most important features of WalkTC exercise machines and how they can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Not an ordinary treadmill

The TreadClimber looks a lot like an ordinary treadmill, but in reality this device is so much more:

  • WalkTC offers a combined workout experience, which includes a regular treadmill (capped at 4.5 mph), an elliptical training machine and a tread climber.
  • Because WalkTC workouts are complex, they target multiple muscle groups, giving you a toned and firm look.
  • Unlike a normal treadmill, WalkTC devices do not place a lot of pressure on the knees and joints, making this machine perfect for people with joint pain problems/traumas.

WalkTC TreadClimberDepending on which of the WalkTC models you decide to buy, you’ll be able to enjoy additional features, such as:

  • Easily customizable workouts that can be adjusted to match your fitness levels.
  • A unique G.O. Coach system which is designed to help you stay motivated during your workouts.
  • A flexible goal planning and tracking system built to help you stick to your fitness goals and workout schedule.

Perhaps the main benefit of using WalkTC instead of going to the gym 3-4 times per week is immense time and money savings that come with working out from home. Let’s face it – very few of us have enough spare time (or willpower) to visit the gym on a regular basis. And, in the end, an unused gym subscription is nothing more than money thrown away. Buying an in-home workout device can seem like a sizeable investment at first, but over time it will really pay off (and if you choose to make use of one of the available financing options, you won’t even notice how quickly the machine will be paid off and fully yours).

As you can see, the designers of WalkTC exercise equipment have created something to suit every taste. So, no matter whether you are simply looking to get some physical exercise in every morning, or want to lose weight and get fitter, WalkTC can help you achieve your goals.

Bowflex TreadClimber Machines

Looking for an easy and fun way to lose weight without having to go to the gym or go on a strict diet? Then getting one of the new TreadClimber machines from Bowflex might be just what you need. In this article, I’m going to talk about different WalkTC TreadClimber models, their prices and what results you can expect from using this innovative workout device.

What is WalkTC and who is it made for?

The WalkTC is a special home gym workout machine that is a mix of a simple treadmill, an elliptical trainer and a tread climber. The machine can be used by people of all ages (16 to 60+) and fitness levels. These exercise machines offer a fully customizable workout experience, where every aspect of a workout can be adjusted to fit the user’s physical fitness levels.

Bowflex TreadClimber MachinesThe Bowflex TreadClimber is an ideal device for individuals who want to get into shape, but simply don’t have enough time to go to the gym multiple times per week. Its unique design ensures that every workout is intense and exercises multiple muscle groups, while placing very little strain on your joints (which is extremely important for overweight individuals). Thousands of people can attest to WalkTC’s amazing fat burning abilities.

How much does it cost?

The WalkTC comes in three different models, each of which differ in price and features.

The cheapest model, called TC5, is the simplest version in the WalkTC range and features basic functionality which should be enough for most beginners and people who do not need motivational assistance while training.

TC10, which is the best selling model by far, is a mid-range WalkTC exercise machine that has many extra features:

  • You can adjust various workout options, such as speed and intensity.
  • There’s a built-in G.O. Coach module, which can help to motivate you during workout sessions.

The most expensive model (TC20) comes with a huge feature set, including workout goal planning/tracking, motivational equipment and some extra design features that make TC20 more comfortable to use than the other two models.

Financing is available when buying any of the three WalkTC models, which is great for people who can’t afford to shell out $1000 or more in one go. If you think about it, buying a WalkTC on finance is a great alternative to a monthly gym membership. And the best thing is that after a few months or a year, you actually end up owning your own complete home gym setup!